Succession Planning

Succession Planning Pays

You’ve spent over 100,000 hours building your business. Your greatest challenge lies ahead.

Many small business and farm owners will plan for retirement in the next decade. Yet over 90% of small business owners do not have a comprehensive retirement, estate and succession plan.

Pallister Financial specializes in helping family businesses through their succession process. Our comprehensive planning service is called GO WEST: Well Executed Strategic Transitions. There are three pillars to each customized plan: The Retirement Plan, The Succession Plan and The Estate Plan.

StoolLike the legs of a stool, each pillar is interconnected. Family business is complex. You cannot have a successful retirement plan without planning for a balanced estate among heirs. Similarly it is impossible to plan for your retirement savings without discussing what your business will need to survive.

With solid planning advice, the Pallister Financial team can help your family transfer its business onto the next generation, with confidence.

Let’s work together to protect your lifetime of work. GO WEST.