Offering a wide variety of financial services, Pallister Financial has distinguished itself as a leading financial advisor in the communities of the Central Plains. Over the years, the company has earned a superior reputation for technical expertise in the areas of retirement, estate and succession planning.

Our Mission

“To assist our clients in the creation and development of comprehensive retirement, estate and financial plans; utilizing the finest products and techniques available; while bearing in mind that the future of our company depends on the financial success of our clients.”

Brian Pallister

Our Founder

Pallister Financial was founded in 1980 by Brian Pallister. Brian started in the financial services industry at the age of 25. In 1992 he entered politics and has since served Manitoba with passion and determination. Brian’s expertise and compassionate ideals led Pallister Financial through more than a quarter century of outstanding service. Currently, Brian is serving as the Premier of Manitoba and MLA for Fort Whyte.